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My Sweet Camping

My sweet camping is the title of an exhibition that features families of campers among the guests of two campsites near Tarragona, Spain. The images aroused many curiosities. They were displayed outside on large-format tarpaulins, spread between the paths of the two campsites.

The campsites

For more than thirty years, Sanguli and Cambrils Park campsites have welcomed each year thousands of holidaymakers from all over Europe from March to October.

Some come from far away to treat themselves to 2 or 3 weeks of sun and beach in Salou and many have made the trip for years. In August, the two campsites turn into true villages with a european scale, welcoming nearly 10,000 people in a rich variety of scents, sounds, languages and colours. Thanks to relaxation and the help of the sun, the North easily rubs shoulders with the South. Lasting bonds of friendship are formed with a few shared words or a New Year postcard. Some families in these photos have spent their holidays at the same campsite for several generations.

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