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The Pixies

The pixie is unowned for his playfulness and transfiguration ability. The dictionary describes him as "a kind of demon of nature and malicious who comes to torment men"

Mom and the pixies

Men like to tell stories. Successive civilisations have had their share of mythologies, and the tales and legends that form part of them are the seeds of what is today called popular culture.

Myths are the breeding ground for Gothic literature, fantasy and science fiction. Elves, dwarves, trolls, dragons and goblins nourish the perennial appetite of popular oral tradition for wonder and discovery.

Elves made their appearance in literature in the Middle Ages, belonging to the great family of fantastic spirits which populated the chronicles of the time. It is rumoured that they are mischievous and lively beings, as energetic as they are tireless. They spend their day doing a thousand pleasant laps and running in all directions. The insatiable elves have survived centuries through popular tales and stories. They are linked to the forest, water, air, dunes or meadows. They protect the family home, children or animals, or turn into nocturnal demons. This series features a mother and her little boy as we discover new lands. Started in the summer of 2017, it will end when the little boy is no longer a pixie.

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