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Pessoa's Lisbon

An evocation of the great Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa (1888-1935), a photographic wandering in the footsteps of the 72 heteronym's writer. Climates and atmospheres in the Fernando Pessoa's Lisbon.
A book published by Gallimard.

I never kept sheep,
But it's as if I'd done so.
My soul is like a shepherd.
It knows wind and sun
Walking hand in hand with the Seasons
Observing, and following along.

Why do I desire
Why do I desire What I do not need ?
Why does my soul, like fire, Or a hot abstract greed, Seek all that is higher ?
Why, if not because It is a soul ?
Who can know the cause When it lies in its whole Hidden in laws ?
Yet this matters not.
What matters is pining And that stress of thought That comes of diving
What to wish that may not be got.

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